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International Youth Film Festival Plasencia Encorto

One of our View Finder Project members, Issy, went all the way to Spain to the International Youth Film Festival Plasencia Encorto!! 

Here's what Issy reported back from the festival: 

Last night the festival started. There was an opening ceremony with musical performances and then we saw the first of the films. Dinner wasn’t until 9.30pm – they eat late in Spain! This morning we have seen more films – including our film the Princess and the Bodyguard. Lots of people have come up to me to say the film was great. Then we were asked to take part in a film interview for a project about why making films is important – I told them all about making our film. Before lunch (again a late lunch because they eat late in Spain!!!) we all went to a ceremony with the Mayor of Plasencia – he presented us all with Plasencia badges and then we had a look around the town hall. Finally we had lunch. Later this afternoon we go back for film workshops. Having great fun and getting to meet people from lots of different countries – i.e. Brazil, Austria, Russia, Ireland, Greece, Norway and lots from Spain.

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