Beacon Films

Our Impact at a Glance

Our Impact at a Glance

During 2018-2019 financial year Beacon Films:

…delivered 10 projects

 … that supported 54 filmmakers ( / “project members”)

 … to produce 29 films

 … that were premiered at Playhouse Whitley Bay in November 2018

 … received a total of 10,574 views online

 …and were selected for 5 international festivals, taking our total number of festival selections to over 120 worldwide.

“My son has taken up voluntary work. Beacon Films has helped by giving him more self-belief and the ability to integrate better” Parent of Project Member (anonymous online survey)

Outcomes for project members

  • We supported 4 paid crew placements

  • We supported 26 film-related volunteering and work experience placements 

  • When asked to what extent Beacon Films is helping to develop volunteering skills (ONS validated), 83% of our project members scored 7/10 or above (sample size 27).

  • When asked to what extent Beacon Films is helping to develop filmmaking skills 92% of our project members scored 7/10 or above (sample size 22).

  • When asked to rank to what extent Beacon Films was improving their wellbeing (ONS validated), 81% scored 7/10 or above (sample size 23)

"I really learnt about planning to a commission and working with a client to make a film they want and are interested in." Project Member: Viewfinder Years 1-3 External Evaluation Report

“She started a creative arts course at Westgate College in September and she’d never have done something like this before” Sister of Project Member (taken from a case study).

Outcomes for audiences 

We questioned 40 members of the public who watched our work. 18 at our premiere, and 22 who had watched our work online.

  • 94% ranked the quality of the work as 7 out of 10 or above

  • 73% said the quality of the work was better than they expected it to be

  • 100% agreed that the films 'increased awareness in communities of the potential of disabled people' - of these 84% 'strongly agreed'

"I loved the variety of the content and the huge variation of skills shown were amazing. I loved how informative the videos were and the music performed was sensational! You felt involved with the whole premiere, just being there felt like part of a community that should be incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication shown." Premiere audience member

“The filmmakers should feel justifiably proud of their achievements … The amazing results are there for all to see.” Colin Wratten, BAFTA Award Winning Producer: ‘Killing Eve’

We are currently working with External Evaluator Chris Ford to embed a joined-up evaluation process throughout our projects and organisation so that we can continue to learn and improve, as well as demonstrate the impact we have on people’s lives.

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