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Session 3 (B8)

Today's session was a Masterclass with our very own Will Sadler teaching us all about cameras, particularly looking at focusing and aperture. 

Session 2 (B8)

Session 2 saw the group continuing to develop their ideas and planning, alongside filming and editing their individual and collaborative projects. From music and vlogs to futuristic scifi and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, the creativity continues!

Session 1 (B8)

Starting off Viewfinder Block 8 the group mapped out what they would like to do, see and learn over the course of this block.  They then started working on their ideas - from vlogs to golden armies and Harley Quinn meets Bass Hunter - the group is never short of creativity and ideas!

Sessions 7 and 8

The last sessions of Block 7 saw the group finishing their projects and filming last scenes for editing. It also included and evaluation session where everybody discussed the future of the Viewfinder project, alongside sharing their films with family and friends.

Sessions 4, 5 and, 6

The film-makers of Viewfinder Block 7 have over the last three sessions been steaming ahead with developing and finishing their ideas. New ideas included a look at the history of Charles Dickens ‘Oliver’ in film, and a Kickstarter film to fund a documentary.

A Masterclass in animation where Robin Webb took the group through the amazing and diverse world of animation helped one of the groups continue and finish their own stop-motion film.

Sessions 2 and 3 (B7)

In session 2 mini-projects were being developed surrounding the short animation about an alien landing, alongside music video and fashion catwalk ideas. Filming also started on a behind-the-scenes documentary on the Viewfinder project showcasing what the groups get up to in the sessions and masterclasses - watch out for it at the Premiere later this year.

Session 3 was a masterclass with Pady O'Connor, the artistic director of MeeMee Theatre, who took the group through a journey of mask, clown and, physical/visual theatre. Using mask, costume, props, games, play, physical theatre and, puppetry, the session explored different ways of creating, visualising and telling stories and characters. A lot of fun was had!   

Session 1 (B7)

The first session of Block 7 started with everyone sharing what they would like to do over the next 8 sessions. One suggestion of dubbing voices over old movies caught everyone's interest so, for the first half of the session the entire group joined in with dubbing over a scene from "Only Heaven Allows" with Rock Hudson - many laughs and ideas came out of that process!

Afterwards the group split into smaller groups looking to start working on the ideas they want to develop which included: short animations, learning about key frames, developing a music channel with music videos and, ideas for short films.        

Sessions 7 and 8 (B6)

Session 7 was a screenwriting Masterclass led by Len Collin, a director and screenwriter who has recently directed a film called Sanctuary (2016) involving actors with additional needs. It was a very inspiring masterclass for all, learning about character and story development for film and, coming up with their own story about the time travelling hero from a dystopian future, James Anarki. Watch out for him in the near future...or past!

All the films that were created this block and the ideas in development were shared with family and friends in Session 8: from epic battles with baddies, to a slapstick comedy and, rocking out to The Jam, it was an eventfully packed and fun sharing session! 

Session 6 (B6)

An epic battle sequence and rocking out to The Jam were some of the many highlights in the session this week. The group were also hard at work editing their films from the previous weeks, while some were developing and planning new ideas.

Session 5 (B6)

Session 5 saw the group continuing developing ideas, planning, filming and, editing on their individual and collaborative projects. From music inspired films to futuristic scifi and historical zombie wars, the creativity continues!

Session 4 (B6)

The session started with the group watching the epic entrances of the WBHW (World Beacon Hill Wrestlers), and a look at a new character appearing in one members feature-length film. There's been a music theme to session as interviews about your favourite music were continuing, as well as planning progressing for a film about The Jam and, a new project started looking to make a music video based on Basshunter's song "Now You're Gone". Alongside the music, filming finished on the slapstick comedy "What's the Idea?" with a splash (in the form of a bucket of water) and the editing was started - after they had dried off...and a short film about Craster in Northumberland was made.  

Session 3 (B6)

Session 3 saw editing begin on the slapstick film, with sounds being found and added to give it a real pow! Interviews asking about your favourite music were also continuing, while planning for a film about The Jam was started. Alongside this we also had Viewfinders very own WWE (or WBHW, World Beacon Hill Wrestling) parody being filmed, with people replicating wrestlers iconic entrances.  

Session 1 and 2 (B6)

The first two sessions of Block 6 has been jam-packed - we have scripts being written for sci-fi and historical zombie epics, alongside storyboards produced and filming started on a comedy short inspired by Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers and, the Three Stooges. Another group was also working on an interview style film asking you what is your favourite music? while recording was being done for a voiceover in a feature length film. 

Session 8 (B5)

The last session of Block 5 was a sharing day where families and friends were invited to come and see what the group have created over the past 7 sessions; this included a remake of the Fantastic Beasts trailer, a re-imagining of a scene from Star Wars, a glimpse at scenes from an ongoing feature length film, a plush film, a experiment with colour and sound, and a reading of a script for a comedy.

It was also an opportunity for people to feedback upon the session in this block of Viewfinder - what they liked, what could be better and what they'd like more of - were among some of the topics discussed.

Session 7 (B5)

Today's session was a Masterclass with Magnus Dennison teaching us all about Steadicam. To quote one of the group: "I enjoyed learning all about it - it was well heavy!"

Session 6 (B5)

Everyone was continuing developing their films today with a focus on editing and adding in special effects. The session also the start of a short animation based on the film "Gravity".

Session 5 (B5)

It has been non-stop creativity with filming continuing of the remake of the Fantastic Beasts trailer and an action-epic feature-length film. Alongside these, new ideas were being developed in the form of a Zelda plushie short, a Sith Lord's battle, an experiment with colour and sound, as well as many other ideas. 

Session 4 (B5)

After watching "Life Animated" - a film about how someone with autism learnt language through Disney movies - the group took part in a Masterclass by Dogwoof, the UK's leading documentary distributor, giving the group some great tips on marketing and pitching films to film festivals.

Session 3 (B5)

Plenty of green screen happening tis session wit two films using the technique: one for an action packed epic and, the other to recreate scenes from the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 

Alongside all the SFX other films were developing: a Zelda themed plushie short; a film about a Sith Lords revene and; a vamp-werewolf mood reel.

Session 2 (B5)

Writing, editing, shooting, storyboarding and, mood reeling meant it was all in Session 2 of Block 5 – we even had some green screening for filming some scenes for an upcoming feature-length film.


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